Institute for Public Safety and Justice

About Us

The Institute for Public Safety and Justice was established with enhancement funding and a legislative mandate from the Council of the District Columbia. The Institute has a tripartite mission of research, training, and evaluation; coupled with an aggressive service and outreach thrust to government agencies, community-based organizations, faith based organizations, and other non-profit entities addressing the issues of crime, its related causal factors, and justice. It is an integral component of the Administration of Justice Program at the University of the District of Columbia and has the responsibility for implementation of the Program's contribution to the University's land grant mission. In carrying out the mission, the Institute has a primary role in strengthening and supporting the research and public policy components of the academic program in Administration of Justice at the University of the District of Columbia.

Angelyn Spaulding Flowers, J.D., PhD.
 Professor & Graduate Program Director Homeland Security Program
Department of Criminal Justice, Sociology & Social Work
Co-Director, Institute for Public Safety & Justice
College of Arts & Sciences
University of the District of Columbia

Angelyn Spaulding Flowers combines a legal background with extensive experience in assisting government agencies and personnel in safeguarding their jurisdictions. She is a Professor of Criminal Justice, Program Director for the Graduate Program in Homeland Security, and Co-Director for the Institute for Public Safety & Justice at the University of the District of Columbia.

From 2007 through the conclusion of the funding period in 2012 she was the Project Director for the National Legal Preparedness Training Program. This program was the result of a Cooperative Agreement between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the University of the District of Columbia. Its overall goal was to increase the legal preparedness of state, tribal, territorial, and local governments. During that time Angelyn co-authored the “Legal Issues and Disasters: Things You Should Know Training Manual”. Previous training manuals include: “Diversity Awareness and Sensitivity for Law Enforcement Personnel”, and “Weapons of Mass Destruction for Emergency Responders”.

Angelyn Spaulding Flowers has over sixteen years experience in law enforcement training, working with community-based organizations, and in homeland security efforts. Following 9/11, she was called upon to develop a training program for the District of Columbia’s Protective Service Division on weapons of mass destruction. That program eventually grew to include personnel from the Federal Protective Division and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Agency (WMATA). Since 2009, Dr. Flowers has served on the Academic Advisory Board for Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism, in the McGraw-Hill Contemporary Learning Series. Her most recent article “Cybersecurity and U.S. Legislative Efforts to address Cybercrime” has been published by the Journal for Homeland Security and Emergency Management 10 (1), 1 - 27 (2013) where she has also served as a reviewer. Her current research areas are cybersecurity and community disaster resilience.

Dr. Flowers teaches classes in Research Techniques, Emergency Management, Community Disaster Resilience, and Cybersecurity. Angelyn Spaulding Flowers earned her BA with a major in Broadcast Management and a minor in Political Science from Howard University; her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center; and her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Commonwealth Open University. She is admitted to the Bar for the District of Columbia; the United the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit; and the United States Supreme Court Bar.